Monday, April 30, 2007

Do You Want A Better Relationship With Your Cat?

I'm a cat-lover. Always have been. There's just something about their grace and independence that makes me think of them as the perfect pet. And besides, there's nothing cuter than a kitten.

But I realize that while cats can be loving and attentive pets, they can also be more than a bit of a handful. What do you do if your cat is a bit of a "Garfield"? What if he shreds the drapes, doesn't use his litter box, and serenades the neighborhood nightly with constant yowling?

People seem to think that cats in general are too prideful to be trained or taught. I used to believe this as well, but in fact, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Cats respond to direction just like any other household pet. They just respond differently, and in turn require a different approach.

You need to be extremely careful not to use the wrong training techniques, as some methods can completely ruin both your relationship with your cat and any chance that you have of training him.

With patience, attentiveness, and a little indulgence, you can turn any cat into a dream pet you couldn't begin to imagine living without.

Are you looking for the right way to care and train your cat? As a cat-lover and longtime cat-owner, I recommend checking out the following sites. They offered information and methods that I never would have thought of!

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Have a happier pet, a happier house, and a much stronger, healthier relationship with your cat.